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An Arbitrage of Opportunity


If you are familiar with sports betting you might be interested to learn that there is a way to use software to bet and guarantee a profit.  This article will give you an overview of how to get started doing that.  There is a way to use newly created software to exploit the sports betting market.  If you follow the prescribed instructions for doing so you will be guaranteed a profit.  Let’s get started.

The opportunity lies in arbitrage.  Arbitrage is simply the purchase of securities from one market and reselling those securities to another market and profiting from the discrepancy between the two.  There are arbitrage opportunities in many markets worldwide.  We are going to concentrate on the sports market for the purpose of this article.

There is software that you can use to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.  Read the instruction that come with the software and follow them exactly to ensure success.  If you use the software and follow the instructions you can look forward to financial success following these methods.

First you need to determine what your financial investment is going to be.  Take that amount and divide into five equal parts. Do your due diligence and research to determine which sport you want to concentrate on.  Once you have decided on which sport you will concentrate on research to determine which team or event you will start with.

Choose five online betting sites and write down what each of their odds are for a particular event.  Write down the results on a spreadsheet for easy comparison and note important information.  Using the software you can enter the information and determine what two sites offer the best odds and give you the best returns for your investment.

Wager your bet with the best two bookies first.  Wager to win with both bookies.  Wager the remaining three bets in the same way you did the first two.  Remember, it is the software that will determine the best place to wager. Wager on three sporting opportunities.  This will mean you are placing bets on fixed odds on events that happen over several days.

You will win from the arbitrage or discrepancy that takes place between the bookies, not from the gambling.  The software is helping you to figure out those discrepancies.  You want to spread your investment over several events because each will generate a profit.  If you put all your money in one place you won’t be able to reinvest that money until you get the payout.  By investing five ways you will be able to get a payout for one, reinvest and generate a profit as you go.


There are different reasons why bookies offer different odds and thus create an arbitrage or discrepancy.  Some bookies might offers odds on events they know nothing about.  Their goal is to get customers and to do that they have to offer a wide array of sports to bet on.  When they do this they often get into sports they know nothing about.  The software exploits this weakness and provides you with an opportunity to generate a guaranteed profit.

There are people who are using the software and following the instructions and able to make a career out of arbitrage investments.  The book that comes with the software will tell you everything you need to know.  If you follow the instructions you will succeed in generating income from your investments that you can count on as part of your revenue stream.  This is a legitimate business that has sprung up from the large number of online bookies and is one that is sure to grow with the Internet.